Services Overview

Eliminate vectors of disease on all surfaces touched by patients, visitors, and staff. Protect OR, ER, ICU, Patient Waiting areas, Elevators, and Resident Rooms.

Food Industry
Whether you serve, prepare, package, or grow, every surface should be safe.

Child Care, Education, Recreation
Protect every desk, Ball, Gym Mat, Locker, and Toy touched by hands large and small. Keep areas germ and odor free.

Protect your investment from destructive mold and mildew. Keep surfaces clean effortlessly all season long.

Prevent interior surfaces of Cruise Ships, Cars, Buses, Trucks, and Trains from harboring disease or odor causing microbes.

Office and Residential
Flu Viruses and Germs will find no safe landing inside your walls. Exterior structures look freshly power washed after each rain.