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Comfort & Care, Vytis Shield’s Antimicrobial Shirt

Kristin Freitag

Vytis Shield is thrilled to now offer an antimicrobial shirt, ideal for dialysis, infusion, platelet, blood donor, and chemo patients: basically anyone who needs access to ports or upper body locations. Our shirt is long-sleeved with dual zippers from collar to wrist. This soft and cozy antimicrobial shirt provides a 99.99% reduction in microbes, for up to 55 washings. Not to mention, who doesn’t like patriotic blue and red colors?

Our antimicrobial shirt is a great way to stay warm and to bring comfort to the patient wearing it. For just $39.99 and free shipping, this is a great deal! Vytis Shield continues to find effective solutions to close the gap in infection prevention. Order one today!