Bioactive Drain Booster


Vytis Shield’s organic 64 ounce, Bioactive Drain Booster is a proprietary, eco friendly, non-toxic and microbial formula that eliminates odors and controls small flies by changing their environment and provides a list cost for positive long-lasting effects.

  • Reduces corrosion potential 
  • Scent and dye free
  • Safe for use in city sewer and septic systems
  • Employee, customer, child, and pet safe

Eliminates both harmful and objectionable odors

Safer to use than harsh chemicals

Eliminates food sources from the piping on which insects & pest live and breed

Frequently Asked Questions

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How often do I need to use the drain booster?

When you are first treating your issue, we recommend everyday for a week to break down the grime. After the first week you can maintain results by using once a week.

Is the drain booster organic?

Yes. Vytis Shield’s drain booster is organic, scent and dye free and does not use any harsh chemicals.