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Better Protection: Our Unique Formula

Our microbe reducing surface coating is a non-invasive shield that permanently binds to surfaces. It will not change the texture, color, odor, feel or quality of your protected surfaces. 

Our surface coatings permanently bind to surfaces & will not leach into your environment like  many disinfectants will, resulting in 24/7 protection for up to 12 months. 

How You Get Started

Step 1

Request a free walkthrough consultation and include a brief description of your facility and the surfaces you want protected, a Vytis Shield expert will reach out to schedule a time.

Prove It Works 

Step 2

A Vytis Shield expert will arrive at your scheduled walkthrough and will collect environmental surface samples from areas that are highly-touched and important to you. You can expect baseline surface sampling results within a week of samples being taken. For eligible facilities, we will coat a small area of your facility and take follow-up testing to illustrate the reduction of surface microbes.

Prove It Works 

Step 3

Vytis Shield’s team of experts will develop a protection plan tailored to your environment and your needs, through our flexible scheduling, we will come during a time that works for you to do your one-time annual treatment.

Prove It Works 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does my Vytis Shield surface barrier coating last?

Your surfaces will be protected with your one-time treatment for up to 1 year. It is recommended that our customers annually protect their environments with our surface barrier coating in addition to routine cleaning procedures. 

Is the surface barrier coating harmful to pets or small children?

No, our unique formula is a non-invasive and non-toxic coating that will not change the texture, color, order, feel or quality of your protected surfaces. 

Vytis Shield’s Results

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Hospital – Towson, MD

Nursing Ladder Study

OR infection risk is a constant topic of conversation in hospitals. Many OR staff feel that their environment can never be clean enough. Two rising Nurse Leaders took it upon themselves to do a study in their Operating room and Central Sterile Processing to prove their hypothesis that their rooms were…

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Hospital – Arlington, VA

Bioactive Drain Study

The Problem: Prestigious 324 bed metro hospital was experiencing flies in its lobby coffee kiosk and cafeteria self-serve drink station. The issue was becoming a point of tension between the hospital administration, located directly above the coffee shop, and the hospital sub-contractor. The source of…

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Hospital – Mt. Washington, MD

Ventilator Unit Study

The Problem Double occupancy patient rooms represent a challenge for any healthcare facility. Two sets of care givers, and two sets of visitors provide a significant increase in chance of cross contamination of room surfaces. In the case of a ventilator unit, the challenge is multiplied. Many…

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