Hospitals are facing overwhelming challenges in 2023

Reduced Budgets

Staffing Shortages

Increasing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)

Overburdened Nurses and Staff

With just one annual application, our advanced protective coatings consistently achieve a remarkable 99% reduction* in microbes between cleaning events.

* Compared to baseline surface testing prior to application of Vytis Shield to surfaces

An Infection Preventionist’s Perspective on Vytis Shield in a Maryland Hospital

We Protect From Unseen Threats

How We Protect

Surface Barrier Coatings

Better Protection

The sanitation of high touch surfaces, just doesn’t cut it in today’s world of evolving pathogens.  Using our proprietary technology and application process, we apply an invisible, nearly undetectable coating to surfaces that effectively reduces  viruses, bacteria, and other microbes between cleanings.  Let Vytis Shield protect your surfaces so you can continue to make your patients and residents your first priority.

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How To Get Started

Click below to set up a time to invite one of our experts to visit your facility. While on site, they will assess your environmental challenges and create a tailored protection plan that addresses your priorities.  Baseline surface testing will be provided during this visit.  Let us take the burden of surface protection off your teams shoulders; schedule your consultation today.

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Why Use It

Your staff are following protocols and cleaning high touch areas as needed, however, a  disinfected surface can be re-contaminated throughout the day.

Vytis Shield goes one step further and protects surfaces between cleaning events, allowing your nurses and staff to provide uninterrupted care for your patients and residents.

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Real world data from hospitals show a 99.13% microbe reduction

Working in hospitals since 2013

FDA registered hand sanitizer formula that kills 99.99% of germs for up to 12 hours

Vytis Shield’s Results

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Hospital – Towson, MD

Nursing Ladder Study

OR infection risk is a constant topic of conversation in hospitals. Many OR staff feel that their environment can never be clean enough. Two rising Nurse Leaders took it upon themselves to do a study in their Operating room and Central Sterile Processing to prove their hypothesis that their rooms were…

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Hospital – Arlington, VA

Bioactive Drain Study

The Problem: Prestigious 324 bed metro hospital was experiencing flies in its lobby coffee kiosk and cafeteria self-serve drink station. The issue was becoming a point of tension between the hospital administration, located directly above the coffee shop, and the hospital sub-contractor. The source of…

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Hospital – Mt. Washington, MD

Ventilator Unit Study

The Problem Double occupancy patient rooms represent a challenge for any healthcare facility. Two sets of care givers, and two sets of visitors provide a significant increase in chance of cross contamination of room surfaces. In the case of a ventilator unit, the challenge is multiplied. Many…

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Our Why

“In 2002 a family member of mine contracted a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) during surgery and passed away days later. The CDC estimates approximately 1.7 million Americans contract an HAI each year, with 99,000 deaths from those infections annually. I aspire to discover and create solutions to these devastating statistics.”

Jen Milan, Founder of Vytis Shield

Who We Protect

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