Case Studies

Bioactive Drain Study

Hospital – Arlington, VA

The Problem: Prestigious 324 bed metro hospital was experiencing flies in its lobby coffee kiosk and cafeteria self-serve drink station. The issue was becoming a point of tension between the hospital administration, located directly above the coffee shop, and the hospital sub-contractor. The source of flies was identified as drains in multiple food service areas.

The Solution: Working closely with the hospital sub-contractor, Vytis Shield’s operation team helped construct a positive solution. First we developed a photo checklist of each drain location, so that multilingual staff could clearly identify and be held accountable for each step. Staff was trained on product use and provided waterproof photo check lists. Four ounces of Vytis Shield’s Bioactive Drain Booster was poured in each drain every other day for one week. After the week, staff poured the same 4 ounce amount in each drain once per week.

Our Results: Our customer’s reaction speaks for itself, there have been zero complaints regarding flies since Vytis Shield’s protection.

“I never thought it would work” – AFM, Food Supervisor, Aramark

“We tried everything that Ecolab had to offer, but this actually worked” – Eric D., Food Production Manager, Aramark

“You should talk to every food operation in D.C., they all have the same problem” – Jack B., Head Chef, Aramark sub-contractor

“This system makes it easy to hold my staff accountable and make sure that our problems do not return” – Allison S., Food Services Director, Aramark