Schools Prepare For A Healthy Back To School Fall Of 2021

Jennifer Milan

Did you know our surface coatings kill Norovirus (the stomach bug), Influenza A (the flu), H1N3, and Staph? We even reduce vegetative c.diff on surfaces treated. These are just a few of the many microbes schools face daily in their facilities that can lead to teacher, student and staff absences when there is an outbreak.

As many schools decided to bring students and staff back for in person learning last fall during the Pandemic, Vytis Shield was able to partner with each facility, applying our surface barrier coatings to all of the surfaces that were touched throughout the day. Our coatings are permanently binding and do not leach into the environment. Our chemicals use a mechanical process on surfaces to reduce bioburden, rather than the chemical reaction that occurs with most disinfectants and cleaners, making Vytis Shield surface barrier coatings a no-brainer for schools throughout Maryland. Already, schools have been requesting to be treated this coming July and August to prepare for their upcoming fall semester after summer break. We have been very excited to be able to share our infection prevention technology in the education sector.